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By submitting your site for review you agree to the following terms:

– I understand that if my site is accepted I will be charged an annual fee of 1.99 USD.

– The link will be included in the directory immediately after the fee is paid ( cca. 15 minute) no later than 24 hour

– The user’s Website must not contain illegal material.

– The page that is being added is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, must not be under construction, and must contain content.

– We understand that a user can choose their link category at their discretion, but must maintain the appropriateness of the category. If the web directory accepts your site, the web directory reserves the right to assign your site to any category or subcategory at its discretion if it deems it appropriate.

– The operator has no responsibility for the content of individual user websites. It only links to the user sites and the site owner or hosting provider bears all responsibility for the content of the website.

– The operator agrees that the site link will always be of follow type and the social site links will be noffolow, to make the site links of a higher value

– The operator reserves the right to delete listings for users who violate this policy without refunding the registration fee. Any such deletion is recorded on the screen.

– I accept that my link will be automatically deleted from the directory if the next annual fee is not paid

– When adding a link, the user must provide a concise name and description that matches the content of the site.

– We do not publish any porn sites

– We do not publish any warez sites

– The Operator reserves the right to partially or completely cease the operation of this website or to restrict access without prior notice.

– The user must provide the real e-email used by the user-used for any contact.

– The user notes that all registered data is public except for the name and email