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Cloudification is a young startup, founded in 2019 in the heart of Berlin with a mission of helping businesses to grow, evolve and transform with modern Cloud & Open-Source technologies. We help established companies and startups finding and implementing the right Cloud strategy that boosts their operational performance, improves application and services or optimizes their Cloud spending. We also offer Cloud Workshops that allow to rapidly up-level existing Team expertise, align Executives and accelerate Cloud transformation.

Silver cloud

We connect & secure our customers globally. We provide a full secure communications technology service – design, implementation, support and training. All of our core tenets are driven by the underlying need for security across your entire digital lifecycle. We help clients to build better businesses, in which their people collaborate, their systems adapt, and their customers enjoy a great experience.We start by understanding the way your business works and how your customers want to communicate with you. Then, using our detailed product knowledge and our creativity, we put together a package that gives you exactly what you need to communicate securely in the modern world.

Care computers

As a well-established IT service provider, we recognise our responsibility as a critical interface for your business technology and service management needs. We provide a highly strategic level of consulting support, and guidance through all your key IT initiatives. Being a partner, we proactively share knowledge of technology risks and opportunities to help you build a competitive advantage and improve your efficiency. We aim to provide you with the support that meets your business needs and are proactive and anticipatory in our thinking. We are here to help enable your business to achieve your objectives through the effective use of people, technology and services.


Lanware has been a specialist IT consultancy and managed private and public cloud provider to mid-market financial services sector for over two decades.Lanware understands cloud technology – but also the regulatory context financial services firms operate in. Our services take away internal management and ownership, without compromising on the service levels, oversight, and flexibility it takes to manage risk and regulation.Through this unique focus, Lanware has grown to act as a partner to many financial services businesses worldwide – including fund managers with more than £150 billion of assets under management.


Our experts help our customers achieve their digital ambition with secure, scalable and resilient cloud, connectivity and colocation solutions. We support long-term business growth through the optimal use of technology, driving innovation, transformation and results for our customers.At Pulsant, we want to help every business become a digital business and reach its true potential. We believe that no business should be constrained by location, capability or size.Whether it's hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, colocation or connectivity, we can help you develop the right strategy and It infrastructure for your business.


We understand you want cloud infrastructure that just works. So you can focus on delivering an exceptional service to your customers and running rings around your competitors.We provide a secure managed service that you can wrap around any of our business technology solutions. From onboarding to technology support – we’re there with the expertise, customer care, reporting and documentation you need.We focus on making things straightforward, so you can get on with doing what you do best – running your business.


We’ve nurtured an environment that empowers our people to get the job done. Meanwhile, we invest in their education, development, and whether it’s for family, maintaining mental health, or pursuing their passions – we give them the flexibility to maintain a real work-life balance.We know that work is just one aspect of our lives. We also know that as individuals, we all work in different ways. We’re passionate about supporting our teams to do their best work, in a way that works for them. For this reason, as an organisation we have truly committed to enabling a flexible working environment across the business.

Rack space

At Rackspace Technology, we are the multicloud solutions experts. Our technical acumen with the world’s leading technologies and multicloud environments — across your applications, data and security — enables you to grow your business, increase efficiency and deliver the future.We solve more than workload problems; we create business advantages. Our multicloud solutions expertise means you’re empowered to work faster, smarter and ahead of what’s next.

The final step

Based in central London, we’ve been helping professional services firms fulfil their potential through technology since 1987.IT doesn’t have to be a headache. With the right IT Support London company, it can even give you a head start.Whether you’re looking for fully managed IT Support, cyber security, strategic advice or your internal IT team just needs some support, we are here to help 24/7.Our approach to small business IT Support We believe small business IT support isn't just a tick box exercise, but an integral cog in your business that drives profits, revenue and growth. We work with you as your strategic IT support London company to create an IT structure that keeps you competitive and compliant.

Virtual dcs

We deliver leading-edge Cloud services from our own UK Cloud platforms with a focus on supporting the Channel and Service Providers.We enable partners to deliver these industry leading Cloud services to their own customer base, where drawing on a wealth of experience and cutting-edge technologies, our investment of time and capital means that our partners have access to a range of services to easily expand their Cloud portfolio.By working together, we can provide additional layers of availability, security, and data sovereignty, while also presenting their customers with a real alternative to the Hyperscalers in the marketplace today. As our business model is channel focused, our partners can rest assured that we will not be competing for end-users.


It takes years of dedicated learning, exceptional knowledge and determination to always be one step ahead. Every minute and every decision matters and maximising reputation and minimising risk informs every decision made.Technology powers justice, so it’s critical that everything works perfectly. Whether in an office, chambers or law court, an optimised solution can make the difference between case lost or case won.Choosing an IT partner that that delivers productivity and positive outcomes now and for the future is key. A partner that’s as dedicated to the legal sector as you are, with the knowledge, know-how and evidence to support every need.

Coreto cloud

We provide cyber security support for your business, your technology and most importantly, your people.Think of us as your Cyber Security Sidekick, always here to put you first. Think Spock to your Kirk, Chewbacca to your Han Solo, or Doc to your Marty McFly.We provide consultancy and technical support for the planning and implementation of sustainable security strategies. We embrace innovation, future-proofing your IT foundations by securing the problems that keep you up at night.

Tencent cloud

Tencent Cloud provides a full suite of industry and technical solutions that fit a wide variety of business scenarios, ensuring that customers can move to cloud securely and efficiently.Tencent Cloud International operates 70 availability zones spread across 26 regions globally. We will gradually increase the number of regions for greater node coverage.

Tech cloud computing

We work alongside National and International Companies. We provide Professional Salesforce & Software Testing Training program to our participants. We help you to reach your learning goals with 100% practical approach and industry-based scenarios.

Payday | HR Software

The website of Payday offers a cost effective solution to the conventional HR software. Payday Virtual is an online Payroll and Human Capital Software Solution that offers businesses and its employees an enjoyable, stress free cloud experience.

Cloud Computing

Almost every company now uses cloud services. Cloud computing opens up new opportunities of interaction and cooperation that would have been unthinkable just a few short years ago. Anyone who misses the trend will lose competitiveness.

Cloud Computing | Xperience

Cloud solutions from UK and NI based Cloud Service Provider, Xperience. From hosting to backups, we deliver fully managed cloud computing solutions designed to match your requirements and budget - be more productive, more accessible, more mobile, and more secure with the cloud. Discover more today.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, the use of multiple server computers via a digital network as if they were one can pose significate risk and governance challenges. Understand the benefits and risks presented by Cloud computing and learn how to maximise the opportunities

Scale Computing

Scale Computing eliminates traditional virtualization software, disaster recovery software, servers, and shared storage. Fully integrated, highly available.

Club Cloud Computing

Club Cloud Computing helps IT and other professionals become experts in realizing value with cloud computing. As an aspiring cloud provider, you will learn

Cloud computing

Learn the basics about cloud computing, exploring public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, multicloud and other topics.

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